Divisions or Distinctives, Jesus only has 1 church

And just as in Luther’s day, there are many other things that divide the body besides Institutional Church and Organic Church.   There is only one church, but multiplicity of expressions of that same body.

Distinctives seem to divide, but they also provide safety and homogeneity.

Overemphasis of anything usually is corrective, such as the tithing issue that has floated around certain Facebook Groups, the last few weeks.

It will be Jesus that in the end pulls it all together. We will all know in an instant what things to drop, and what things to embrace possibly for the first time.

Only the Spirit of Christ can bring the true unity we all desire, and that day we all long for, his return.   God is good at doing the impossible, we lean in that direction, as best we can.


One response to this post.

  1. Basically Jesus only has one church. I think he is after me to be more inclusive and less divisive. I’ve found a huge liberal bias among organic folk. It seems we can only embrace each other, until we get to know each other. (shakes head, goes for the last cup of joe) Love ya.


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