You May Be Institutionalized If:

You may be institutionalized if:

  1. You think tithing pleases God,
  2. you think the pastor is the leader of the Church,
  3. You pay someone to be under their spiritual authority,
  4. You think you need a covering,
  5. You think you need a 501(c)(3) IRS status to be a real church,
  6. you think becoming a christian will make you financially prosperous,
  7. you think worship leaders and or singing songs brings God into your presence,
  8. You dont trust the Spirit of God within you or within others,
  9. You think going to church is going to God’s house.
  10.  You think bible school is essential for hearing from God for others,
  11. (You think) all (of) this is irritating, upset(ting) or making you angry.

(by Brad Nelson, a post on Organic Church Movements)  public post

What else could be an indicator that you may be intitutionalized?


One response to this post.

  1. “Other sheep have I that are not of this flock,” Jesus.


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