Bruce Who

Bruce Dickey, follower of Jesus, age 59, born in Russellville, Arkansas, reared in the dust bowl of Lubbock ,Texas.  Led to Jesus by some little ladies at the VBS down the dirt street from my house.  Those Baptists knew their bible.  I raised my five year old hand and went down front to meet Jesus, only to have my Church of Christ mom, grab my arm and drag me to the back of the room while whispering, “Not here!”  Jesus took notice, and the rest is history.  After a lifetime in institutions called church, I had to leave.  Men had usurped authority over the church.  Their rules took precedence over scripture.  The big shots, budgets, and buildings dictated finance and much of what occurred in any particular institution.  Yes, “there are good people in every church,” says my mom.  Jesus led me out the door and I’ve been following him on a grand adventure ever since.  Are you “fed up” with church?  You, brother and sister, are not alone.  There is a mass exodus underway.  For me it started in January 2008.  Like Paul, the Lord encourages us not to build on other men’s foundations, Romans 15:20.  We are the called out ones, called out of the world first, and called out of man’s religious structures that interfere with the taking of the gospel to the masses.  How so?  It preempts ‘every member participation’.  The best evangelists on the planet are those plucked fresh from the world.  Connect them to Jesus and give other members of the body “their head” and they will blow doors off accomplishing taking the gospel to every nation of the world.  I’m looking for others with Like Mind, to continue on the journey to which Jesus calls us.  Life is too short to be little.  We must put our hands to the plow, and not look back.  Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus, Bruce Dickey – out of Russellville Arkansas and headed in all directions…..  Believers are like seeds, they contain within them the DNA to produce a harvest, as soon as they fall to the ground and die, bringing forth a plant that produces fruit… and if you think about it….  that’s organic and that is where organic church really comes from.  Not an institution, but from a family on mission together with Jesus.


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